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[25 Feb 2009|08:20pm]
So Storm was really fun. I'm really glad we decided to go even though ITG2 was canceled. I did pretty well overall too. I was top 8 in Supernova 2, 2nd in SF4, and I won the SN2 rumble. I sucked ass at Extreme and HD Remix, yeah!

The MK5 came in today. NX and Exceed 2 are a go.

My birthday is 3/3. Would anyone be interested in doing the annual "China Buffet on Justin's Birthday" thing? This will probably be followed by cake, Pump, and SF4.
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FEC1: My thoughts [09 Jan 2009|11:40am]
I've never been more impressed with the skill level of most of these players. I kinda wish there had been multiple machines. I wasn't a fan of single elim. (although I COMPLETELY understand and would have done the same thing) Rebirth and the FEC pack weren't really my favorites either. Aside from that, the tournament was run really well. Overall, I think the weekend was enjoyable, and I met a lot of awesome new people.

I plan on going to Storm in Feb and Tenchi's Pump tournament in VA in April for sure. FFA is a maybe. (PA is so damn far away, and its right after Storm)

I've kind of lost a lot of desire to be competitive at dance games anymore. Mostly because I don't have, and have never had anywhere near the amount of stamina that better players have. I just feel pretty much physically limited now that ITG is moving towards like....15s and shit.

I'm still going to play of course. (Especially Pump) I'll hopefully have a machine some day. I've had pretty shitty luck with Namco and trying to acquire one.


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This weekend and next tournament [08 Dec 2008|02:21pm]
This weekend was so badass. We had a really good turn out for BB5. 35 entrants total. I got 4th in Expert and 1st in Sandbag division. Woooo

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come out here. I'm so glad we actually finished a tournament. No drama bus all weekend. (That I'm aware of anyways)

We might be getting NX: Absolute when it releases. (January?) If so, would anyone be interested in a get-together some weekend late Jan-early Feb? I think it would be fun to see how much of World Max we can bust through in one weekend.

Next tournament (Fighters!):

Please come, and please post in the thread at Shoryuken if you're coming.
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Thanksgiving Post [29 Nov 2008|10:31am]
Thanksgiving was pretty cool and sucked at the same time.

Robby's mom and grandma drove up here from Savannah and cooked us amazing dinner. That was really awesome.

Scarlet freaked the fuck out about the doorbell as usual and managed to knock my macbook off the desk onto the floor and destroyed the hard drive. Fortunately I'm getting it replaced for free, but I have to send it to them. That means I'm not exactly sure when I'll get it back. I didn't have anything important on there really, but it'll be a pain in the ass to reinstall everything.

BB5 is in one week, I'm excited. My house is going to be nuts.

Note to Wilmington (Jeremy/Kitty's crew): Holden said it was cool if you guys all crashed at his house.

I honestly think this will be the last ITG tournament I have for a while though, because....
Starting in January, I'll be holding monthly fighting game tournaments at the Dueling Ground. Im thinking the first one will be on the 17th. SC4, GGXX, SSF2T HD Remix, Melee, and probably one more game. (3s? Marvel baybee? Melty Blood? Shaq Fu?)

Speaking of SF HD Remix. It is GOOD. and its $15. GO BUY IT AND PLAY WITH ME ON XBL.

I've also been working on turning our Zero DX at Broadway into a Stepmania 4.0 machine. It's coming along fairly well. I have it running, I just need to get it running more smoothly.
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Leaving [27 Sep 2008|09:30pm]
Going to Massachusetts for a week. I'm leaving around 4am or so.

I'm pretty excited about it. I haven't been up there in 8 years.

I'm also going to TGA at some point to play IIDX and SF4. :D

I don't think anyone I know lives anywhere near Northwestern MA, do they?

I won't have internet for the time I'm up there, so don't go thinking I died or something. My phone will (should) still work though.
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[10 Sep 2008|02:03pm]
I feel siiiiiiiiiiiick.

I come home to a package of brand new video card and 4gb of ram. I have not installed them yet. This is how you know I'm sick.

Btw, Sunday my video card broke, Monday my starter died on my 240, yesterday I broke my grandma's lawnmower. Let's see what happens today!

Now I have to go back to work. :[
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This is a postttttttttt [08 Sep 2008|11:04am]
In typical fashion, I decided to make a post 20 minutes before I'm supposed to be at work....which is mostly what I've been doing lately. (i.e. I brought 4 computers home this weekend to fix)

My video card died yesterday. 8800GTX 768mb, RIP. I already ordered a Radeon 4870, but I'm going to try and RMA the 8800. If I am great success, I'll sell it for $200 if anyone wants it. (I paid $350 for it less than a year ago, and that was a steal)

I'm still playing ITG, my stamina is not what I'd like it to be, but I'm consistently hitting low SDEs on 8s and 9s, and occasionally 10s. I'm excited about BB5. 12/6 is the official date now. We should have 2 ITG machines and may actually be able to FINISH THE TOURNAMENT THIS TIME. I was debating running SC4, but I think we'll just skip that and play SC4 at my house.

I'm going to be going up to Massachusetts for a week soon. (Sept 28th-Oct 5th I think) I haven't been up there in about 8 years. I wonder how little has changed up there. I will however, be going to visit TGA for some DJ Trooooooooopers and hopefully SF4.

Warhammer in 1 week! If you're planning on playing, you should let me know. Our temp guild forum is on accidentcore. http://www.accidentcore.com/phpBB3/

I should probably be at work now, and I'm hungry. Bye.
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[25 Aug 2008|04:04pm]
Happy Birthday Angela!
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Soul Calibur 4 [29 Jul 2008|10:03pm]
So......SC4 came out today, I hope everyone's getting it. :D

I've had it since last Wednesday, and I'm loving the shit out of it.
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Tournament Post [14 Jul 2008|12:33pm]
So that was probably the smallest tournament I've ever held, but it was fun. Minus the pads sucking, nothing terrible happened and I think pretty much everyone enjoyed themselves.

I did kind of bail on hanging out with everyone Fri/Sat night at my house because I was pretty tired, my allergies were fucking me, and I just wasn't up for being around 15 or so drunk people.

Adrian- This was an amazing birthday, yes?

Nick- You're always awesome to hang out with, and you need to get T5:DR so we can play

Tiff- Thanks for filming everything. I'll be getting that footage up hopefully soon.

Steven- I don't think I got to talk to you much this weekend, but good matches

Tommy- I totally wish we could have played more Brawl

Godai- If you can make it up here again before you move, that would be sweet. I don't think anyone else here likes SN2

Sterf- way to just show up and destroy everyone, lol

Robby- You are asleep in your room right now. Way to go, fag.

Kaiser- is too cool for you guys.

Kris/Brady/Alex/Mike/Kelly/Tiffany - I'll probably be seeing you guys again fairly soon. Wilmington is happening for Double Happiness. Fayetteville is happening for Initial D. Charlotte is happening for Martin (Angela's brother) So I'll try to get up with everyone if I can.

I really doubt I'll be doing another SN2 tourney any time soon. No one really seems to like it that much. September looks good for either BB5 or EOCP4. I guess I should start making a pack then, huh?

I was planning on having a Soul Calibur 4 tournament the first weekend of August, but I'm going to be in Wilmington for a release party/tournament. Instead, I'll have an SC4 party Aug 9th at my house. If anyone wants to come down for that weekend 8th-10th, you are more than welcome to.
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For the sake of being obnoxious.... [13 Jun 2008|11:44am]
Happy 6/13 guys!!!!!!! ^___________^
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[28 May 2008|06:00pm]
Recent GETs:
New Roommate. Craig moved in yesterday. Hells yeah.
1990 240SX Hatchback. Soon to be my new daily driver once I get it all tuned up.
NGO Pass with 1 boo on Monday. :D
Age of Conan yesterday. (Bear Shaman named Banya on Ajujo server)
Upcoming DDR tournament planned out for July 12th. http://aaronin.jp/boards/viewtopic.php?p=221252

edit: god dammit, it's JULY 12TH. JULY JULY JULY. Don't listen to me if I say anything else. @_@
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[08 May 2008|01:17pm]
I fucking hate motorcycles/bike week/bikers. Some biker douche got hit by a car, so I was pulling off the road to get out of the way of the fire truck barreling down my ass. The drop from the pavement to the grass was fairly high though and it hit my front end. So now there's a giant fucking crack in my front bumper again at the bottom, and another at the top.

If Devin doesn't buy it at the end of the summer, it's going on Autotrader. I'm not spending another $1000 for my car to look decent for 2 weeks until I crack the front end on another shitty road or driveway again.

Aside from that, I had a lot of fun in Charlotte last weekend, and Robby is down here now looking for jobs. Craig is moving in at the end of the month, and Robby in mid June. (6/13!) Hopefully amazing things will come of this summer. Expect epic road trips.
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[16 Apr 2008|10:11pm]
"Soul Calibur, the Dreamcast classic, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this year, complete with online play."

I think this is the best news that I've heard my entire....life.

So uh... Florida was fun. I went to a Photoshop convention in Orlando. Since I've been back, I've been busy as all fuck with work. Very little time for dance games lately, but that should change soon. >___>

Today is Wayne's birthday. Happy Birthday lead singer of Penis Hat and payer of half my rent.

Sunday is Smash tournament at Broadway. I seriously have no idea how many people are showing.
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It's on! [29 Mar 2008|07:21am]
April 20th: Broadway Brawl 1

SSBB Tournament at Broadway Louie's

$7 Singles
$10 Doubles

Registration starts at 12:00 pm
Tournament starts at 1:00 pm

My house is open for lodgings. :D
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[23 Mar 2008|04:31pm]
3737-9212-4449 is my Brawl code.

I know several people have asked for it here, and I've neglected to post it, because my Wii isn't in the same room as my computer anymore. :p
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wooo [12 Mar 2008|11:19pm]
Posting from Lara's.

Jason, Lara, and I are going to NX2 tomorrow in VA. :SSSS

Brawl Friday night at my house anyone?

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this is a post [07 Mar 2008|10:16pm]
Thank you guys for coming down here last weekend and making my birthday amazing.
I feel so old. :(

Also thank you Andy for GH2. <33

I am so excited about Double Happiness.

I randomly went out to Fayetteville yesterday and played some Pro. I got my first Pro Quad. (Let the Sunshine) The arcade there is beautiful. Initial D 4, Maximum Tune 3, and Pro all in the same place. I definitely want to go back...not by myself. I'm thinking the 21st or 22nd of March sounds good.

Posting from new Macbook Pro. :p
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Copied from my post on Smashboards... [11 Feb 2008|10:24am]
But this is rather important, so it needs to be said.

Disappointed with Captain Falcon

He didn't get a whole lot of character specific nerfs (except for the knee) but all the changes to the game engine REALLY hurt him.

- sh nair goes over MANY characters heads
- dthrow bounces enemies way too high
- floatiness reduces need for ground teching. His tech chasing stomp game is gone.
- Stomp seems to come out slower. (Possibly smaller hitbox?)
- Lack of Dash dancing kills his mobility and makes spacing more difficult

I mean, he really doesn't have much anymore. I don't see him being able to keep up with the likes of T. Link, Pit, and Marth once people start getting good at Brawl.

It is a very sad day for Falcon. Let's hope Nintendo isn't opposed to the idea of balance patches in the future.
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woo [04 Feb 2008|09:41am]
All moved in to the new house, and I'm back on the internets. It's pretty sweet I must say. Might as well just call the 15th our "Housewarming Party"

Also this:

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